Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wow 2 years, almost 3!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Still Catchin up...

Wow-What an October...

Like lookin in a mirror

The tune of the witch played:
dun duh dun dun dun dun

Wow the honorable mention prize...Fallen fairy

Who does this beauty look like?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Playin' Catch up...

Who are these Gorgeous Kids?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Big Birthday!!!

It was almost five years ago... the idiot doctor told me that I would have 5 years left, and that I should think about the quality of my life. Well, my life has been absolutely amazing!!! God first, Family second, and everything else falls into place. I remember sitting in that moment with my 6 month old baby and sobbing in my Nemo. First I talked to God, then my sister, the same ritual I perform almost daily. There are some things that I hesitate to do, but Mike and I are in a place where we can not be afraid to just give in. In seventeen years we have had 3 children, 5 addresses, 11 cars, 1 phone number, 5 dogs, 5 cats, 13 goldfish, 3 parakeets, and many family and friends enter our doors.
I have taken 13 girls on an overnight camping on the right field of the Missions baseball team and slept on a sheet in the cold while 2 months pregnant. I survived PTA meetings with a toddler in a stroller and doled out cookie dough cover in head to toe hives! I spent many a lonely night in the hospital beds and ICU rooms wondering what my family was up too and how they were surviving without me.
Sure I gained a hundred pounds and sacrificed a few brain cells, but the quality of my life is all I got! Family! Love me or leave me, and nobody's left me yet, dog-gone-it@@!!!!!
Yep, I am in a great place. 38 isn't too bad! I'm feeling blessed and thankful!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Havenbrook Plays BIG Stage

Getting ready for Halloween, Already?

Is that thing still alive?
Girls are sorting through all the mess. They come up with these...

Who's that Girl?
Wow what a fro!

Jenna jumped from the sofa to the ottoman, she was seriously disappointed when she tried to fly and flopped on the ottoman. Poor baby was very sad...

Wings For T
Somebody was a buzzin around...

Such a Tragedy!!

Trinity's Family Quilt
This was her homework for last week. Notice the birds? We had a bird burial on Saturday. And in the Monty Python family, Lady Lola knocked over the cage on Sunday and Windy flew out!!! With Mike attempting to recover cage, Zachary vacuuming seeds, Danaya tried to retrieve bird from Lola's mouth. Once I walked back in she flew straight for the door and out to find her own way to heaven. So the birds in this family are no more...wah!

Gus Gus gets nabbed
Trying to sleep on the sofa!

Lady Lola
T poses with the culprit.

Gettin ready for school
Jenna is definitely not a morning person.

Ballerina Trinity

Trinity starts ballet
Super-excited Trinity is prepped and ready for her class!! Recital is in March and she is so focused! The instructor even put her with the big girls the first day. She was very focused and really wanted to soak it all in!!!

Aunt Cyssi's Package came in the mail!!! Had to open it up right away!!! But first we must pose! Love the glasses that she had to have!! We're talking 9.0 on the Fuji ta scale...

Who needs a dental checkup?
Our lovely breakfast with the team! Wonderful isn't it?

Studley Mudley
Team is undefeated, and the romped the coach from the Allstars last season!!! He is the worst coach he has ever been on!!! Okay 2nd worst!!!

Danaya goes dancing
She off to the Back to school dance!!! Oh no, there are boys!!

Trinity turns 5!!!!

Happy Birthday Princess
We made it home in time to celebrate the happy day!! She is a big girl now. She wore her tiara all day even at school! Her teacher called in the morning to make sure she was okay!!
Party for the Princess
Party at Inflatable wonderland. Very recognizable gal was spotted as being a Havenbrook fan. Party was a total hit!!!

Miss Poser

Very Happy Birthday
Present time!!!

Thank You Everybody!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We're Home!!!

No one was more excited to be home then him!!!

She made it before her I pod ran out of fuel!!!

Pretty Occupied
I could only take, "Mommy, I want to go home!!" one more time. Finally is right!!

Small Sacrifices...
Well, we lost a member of the family, MONSTER. We are asked if it was worth it>?
Hell Yeah!! We enjoyed every part of our adventure...

The Atlantic
We will have more sunsets, and we will have other cars, but the time we spent and enjoyed with our children is and was the best ever!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're almost there...

Going home
Well we think that will be the last time this family will ever travel Greyhound.
Totally nuts...Pour Zachary did his share, plus the two girls load of luggage.

Somewhere on I-10

Decked out in her nightie and with her Ipod we are headin for a Blakey adventure!!!

Somewhere in Louisiana
Waitin for breakfast. Mike and Zachary crossed the street to pick up something to eat from the Chevron. I think this was Lafayette, maybe. ?

Our trip home... New Orleans?

Where are we?

St. Vincents Hostel
Upon getting here, the innkeeper explains how this place was a children's orphanage asylum. Lee Harvey Oswald was in this place. He went on to explain how there are many strange paranormal activities that occur. I explained this to the rest of the family and we went around to check out the place. A lot of pics were on the walls of the nuns and children.
Scaredy cat
Someone did not sleep well at all. She would not even go into the rest room alone! It was fun scarring the bejesus out of her, though!!!

As usual
This one loves to check out bathrooms and first things first, needed to check out the shower!!!
We weren't event planning on unpacking, we had a taxi coming at 4:30 am to get our butt to the station in time.

The Garden District
Well, this embarrassing statue is our head of household. We were so embarrassed by this, I told him I would blog it!!!Wow Huh? Speechless...someone is definitely not in size 28s anymore!!!

Oh! You know It had to be...

Our Final Day
Danaya goes swimming in the adult pool at the aft.

Trinity hangs with her sis
Trinity was busted by mommy in the whirlpool!!!Everyday in her camp was face painting and butterfly was her favorite.

Girls hangin in the Metro
Searchin for Daddy. Of course he was being bad in the casino.

Waitin our turn
We were waiting for our number to be called to disembark the ship at New Orleans. Waiting with kids is not entirely fun.

T puts on her show
While waiting in the Blue Sapphire Lounge, Trinity gets up on stage and totally put on her own one gal act. She even had the audience clapping at her dance number!!!